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Go From Crickets To Qualified People Knocking On Your Door

Get Quality Leads On Autopilot For Your
Course or Membership


Feel tired of constantly having to find new people to work with?

Wish clients would reach out to you instead of you chasing them?

What if we told you that you could get course sales and clients easily on autopilot without having to chase anyone down?

Here's What Wrong With Organic Strategies

  • Time Consuming

  • Most Traffic From Organic Strategies Are Unpredictable

  • It's Exhausting Because You Constantly Have To Share New Content for Your Potential Client's Attention

  • You Work Hard To Build Your Audience and BAM a New Algorithm Makes It Harder to Reach Your Ideal Audience Overnight

Organic strategies are great to prove your concept, but when you are ready to scale you will very quickly find yourself tapped out.

We've been there too...

When we learned how to get clients automatically instead of feeling like social media was our new job we found real freedom. We built a multiple six figure business from selling online courses and memberships.

But these days our  course sells with very little effort. After all, you created your course for passive income and freedom, but now you find yourself spending all of your time chasing leads.

Let us show you how simple and easy it can be.

Step #1: Craft a high converting offer.

Step #2: Find qualified leads who are ready to work with you.

Step #3: Share your best content with them automatically.

Step #4: Get customers you love working with the easy way.


You can work less, enjoy your business more and even get support from experienced course sellers to help you 

avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.


We will be your partners in helping you have automatic traffic and leads from qualified prospects.

Your talking about ads right?

Yes, using our proven FB and IG ads strategies we can capture highly relevant traffic in you niche. Warm them up with your best content and position you as the best solution to solve their problem.

Here's The Thing...

We are looking to get results for course creators who are ready to scale!

This is for you...

If you have built an email list & an online marketing presence, but are struggling to fill your programs.

If you have an existing course, but have never tried ads.



If you are tired of trying to do it all yourself and are ready to hand it off to a team of experts.

If this is YOU then let us show you what we can do...

What others are saying about Cheri and Mat...

"Before meeting with Cheri & Mat I didn't really have a business with any clients. But they really helped me. I learned so much and I got a bunch of new clients because I implemented their recommended strategy. Recently I just hired employees to help me so I can focus more on the things I'm good at. I'm now hitting 5 figure months consistently."  

- Kathy R.

"Mat helped me transform my business to six figures while also giving me the free time to work on other projects."  

- Heath A.

""Huge thank you to Cheri Yazzie for helping me simplify my plans for a live event I'm planning in a few weeks! If you ever have questions or need support around launching a new program, creating evergreen content, or making business simpler, hire her team! This is what one of her businesses focuses on and they are SO good at it!" - Parijat Deshpande

"I've been really overwhelmed by All The Things and really needed help sorting through my next moves. I booked a 3 hour session with Cheri and it couldn't have come at a better time, I had spent the day really down, wondering if I was on the right path, if this online business thing could ever work, generally feeling sorry for myself.

Spending time with Cheri, even virtually, is basically a warm hug. We started our planning session with some energy work which I wasn't expecting and really needed! Then she guided me through my business step by step, giving me so much clarity and actionable next steps to see things through.

By the end, All The Things felt super manageable, there was a swing in my step that remains today, and I had a solid game plan for my business. I can't recommend working with Cheri highly enough, and I will definitely be back for more as I grow and change!

Thank you so much Cheri!"  

Caroline Connor

Here's How It Works...

Step 1

Book your 15 minute introduction call, because we want to make sure our services are a good fit for your business

Step 2

You pay the ads spend for absolutely FREE ads management for 3 days if you like our service...

Step 3

Book your deep dive conversation where we map out our exact marketing plan to help you scale your course

Client Case Studies

Client ran special promo and spent $1930 to make $26,782

Client has a funnel similar to One Funnel Away Challenge and is spending $20 to generate $550 per client.

Client Booking Appointments at Only $28.96 Per Appointment.

Client is selling $399 course to warm audience. Sold 3 and only spent $7.42!

About Cheri & Mat

In Two Years Cheri & Mat made $484,000 from selling courses and online subscriptions.


We are also big into personal development and have masterminded with high income earners such as Julie Stoian, Tai Lopez, Jim Edwards, Russel Brunson & Alex Charfen. 


We've spoke on stage on the topic of online selling at events including the Love Your Damn Self Conference, Simplezon, and the Seller Summit.


We want to help others have the lifestyle that we live. We've designed this program to help other entrepreneurs create an amazing lifestyle.


Let us tell you our story...


6 years ago we were drowning in credit card debt and about to sell our home because we could not afford the payments.


This happened because we started an internet/network marketing business. 


And we failed horribly even after working 12 plus hour days for a solid year & a half.


Something had to change...We began to construct a plan for our lives. 


We began studying and learning about the psychology of wealth. We attended seminars and began to associate with people who could help us win at life.


Then we found a way to provide trainings and services that sell like hotcakes.


Fast forward to today-We discovered a unique way of bringing in Clients With Ads, Email, Facebook Groups, and Youtube Videos. We have a business that allows us to make leveraged income and impact without having to take up all of our free time with one to one clients.

We are not posting any of this to brag. The reason we are posting this is to show you that in a short time YOUR WHOLE WORLD CAN CHANGE.


Where will you be in 6 years? Sometimes the weight of the future scares us so much that we never take that first step. 


We URGE YOU to take action today in your life. Take that first step and start changing your life for the better.

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